Why Won’t My iPhone Turn On Ideas Guide

The iPhone is undisputedly one of the most reliable high-tech phone in the market today offering millions of Apple customers with exciting and fluid interfaces with minimal glitches and freezing all too often. But even the best high-end Apple technologies are not completely brick proof. But at times when your iPhone simply won’t start up normally, there are remedies that you can try by yourself before you decide that it is good for nothing. Here are some steps that might help you to revive your iPhone depending on what is causing the glitch.

Dead battery?

Sometimes it’s just a flat battery and in this case, your phone might not start up unless you plug it in and let it charge. If this persists you can troubleshoot your charger to confirm that it is indeed delivering some juice.

Have you tried restarting your iPhone?

If what you are dealing with is an unresponsive user interface, try holding down the power on/off button for a few seconds and choose the turn off option. Once the phone is shut down, you can then turn it on again and see if it responds this time.

How to hard reset your iPhone

When a normal restart won’t work, there is yet another built-in diagnostic function you can use to clear the phones internal memory without losing your personal files. Hard resetting your phone will clear system cache files but not your files so you have nothing to worry about.

To do a hard reset,

• Hold down the power and home buttons or the power button and the volume down for the latest iPhone series.

• If a shutdown menu appears, ignore it and continue holding down t buttons

• Keep holding down the buttons on your device for about ten seconds or more until a white Apple logo appears

• If it takes too long and still no response, then perhaps nothing will happen at all

Try DFU mode

To put your device in DFU mode;

• With your phone plugged into your computer, press the power button briefly (about 3 seconds) then let go.

• Now simultaneously press and hold down the power and home buttons (or volume down for the latest iPhone series) until you have a blank black screen.

• Your device is now in DFU mode.

• Proceed as instructed on your iTunes interface on your computer.

Resetting your iPhone to factory settings

The other option is to first plug in a USB cable on the lighting or dock port of your device but not from the computer then plug it into the computer while holding down the home button (or volume down button for the latest iPhone series). This will put your phone in recovery mode to completely restore the iPhone settings.

Please do a backup or sync your important files and personal data before attempting this procedure because your storage will be wiped clean.

Final thoughts on how to fix “iPhone won’t turn on” problem

Hopefully, you found the answer to your my-phone-won’t-turn-on problem by trying the above tricks. If not then perhaps you need to start seriously considering the cost of repairs versus getting a new iPhone. Half of the time it is usually a small problem you can fix at home but when nothing seems to work, especially if your phone was water compromised of you recently did a jailbreak, then you might need to pay a visit to your nearest authorized iPhone repair service.